You’ve spent money on marketing your franchise opportunity.
And its paid off….
You’ve received an enquiry from a prospect looking at your franchise opportunity.
Happy days!
You send them your prospectus… but then what?
How do you know if they have opened it?
In fact how do you know the prospect has opened any of your emails at all?
In this situation, who is in control of the sales process?…. You or the prospect?
We see so many franchise marketing or recruitment teams sending out basic emails with simple attachments and absolutely no tracking.
This is crazy.
As a franchisor, you’ve spent money getting the prospect to enquire in the first place, but then are completely in the dark as to what happens next. Surely you want more than to cross your fingers and hope the prospect replies or with any luck calls?!
Maybe you have enough revenue into your business you don’t mind losing some.
But for those franchisors who want to plug the leaking money hole and who want to see their return on marketing investment improve, can we suggest you implement some tracking.


By simply being able to track who opens your emails, who clicks on your prospectus and opens subsequent emails, puts you back in control. And also saves you time.
Suddenly, you’re in the light. You are able to see who has opened your prospectus and emails. You can also start to build a picture of which lead source is generating the best engagements and what copy is working and which isn’t.
It’s that simple, there you have it, no more time wasted with prospects that are not engaged and you can contact the ones who are. Loss of money reduced and sale team efficiency improved.
Don’t let your franchise prospectus be a waste of time. Start engaging with the prospects that are engaged in you and increase your conversions.
Step your marketing into the light – start tracking
Not sure where to start? 
We can point you in the right direction, get in touch.
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