Franchise Recruitment Marketing

The key to growing a successful franchise is all about the franchise recruitment marketing and sales systems.

Without recruiting the right type of franchisee, and lets be honest, the right volume of new franchisees, growing a network of successful franchisees becomes very difficult. The success of a franchisee in turn makes it easier to recruit more of the right type of people into your network, and thus the circle continues.
However, so many franchisors fail to appreciate the importance of franchise recruitment marketing. They use marketing methods that are not suited to attracting the right prospects and once they have leads, they don’t have correct systems in place to convert good numbers that are required to grow a successful network.
So how do you recruit franchisees?
1) Franchise Marketing Strategy
Or at least a vague plan of how many franchisees you want to recruit in the next 6 months, 12 months etc, where your ideal prospects are looking and therefore where you are going to marketing and what your marketing budget is.
Without a plan of some description how will you know if any of your efforts are successful and that you are heading in the right direction?
Answer this; 12 months in and your new franchise opportunity has recruited 6 franchisee.

Is this a success or not?
Some might say – Yes absolutely
Others, no.
There is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on what that franchisor had set out as their first year goal.
The truth is, without a plan in the first place how can you celebrate success or identify mistakes and make changes for the future.

2) Franchise Marketing Copy

In order to attract the right type of person to your franchise opportunity you need to spend time on the franchise marketing copy you use across your various marketing channels.
Understanding what your ideal prospect is looking for and address this within your franchise marketing copy.
What is your USP, what makes you stand out from the crowd and why should the prospect looking at franchises choose yours above everyone else?
But note this, talking about YOU will make selling franchises increasingly difficult and this is where we see so many franchisors get it wrong.
3) Lead Nurturing
You’ve gone to all the effort and expense of getting someone to enquiry into your franchise, so why let them lose interest before you’ve even had chance to engage with them.
Having systems in place to nurture leads, building trust and relationships, qualifying the prospect all without you having to speak to them, is vital if you want to improve your conversion rates and have the best ROI.
Drip marketing, automations, funnels… call them what you like. They are all designed to provide prospects adequate information to build relationships and trust as they progress down the buying cycle.
Franchisors who rely on calling leads alone are almost certainly missing out of possible sales and slowing the growth of their franchise network.
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